What kinds of downloadable files do you sell?
At this moment, we sell a variety of downloadable digital products in French and English in the PDF format.

Are the PDF files locked?
Yes, all of our regular eBooks are downloaded as locked PDFs.

Will your eBooks work on our Interactive Whiteboards?

Do I need special software to view and use enhanced eBooks?
Yes – you need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Readerwhich can be downloaded for free.

Now I have Adobe Acrobat Reader and an Enhanced eBook – what next?
Using Acrobat Reader, just copy and paste the sections of the enhanced eBook you need into a word processor like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, then add your own questions, pictures, or examples for truly effective lessons. You can also use text from enhanced eBooks to build lessons for your Interactive Whiteboard, or take advantage of programs that can translate the content of PDF’s into other languages.

Ebooks and interactive White board

What is an Interactive White Board?
Interactive White Boards (or IWBs), are large screens that display images from your computer and let you highlight, underline, draw, or add to whatever is on the screen, without altering the original file.

IWBs are comprised of three different components: a large display screen that is usually mounted on the wall, a projector that places an image on the screen, and a computer to provide the images, documents, movies, or presentations.

Most IWB screens are touch sensitive, which is what allows teachers and students to “draw” on the boards using the IWBs proprietary software.

Will My eBooks Work on my Classroom’s Interactive White Board (Smart Board/Mimio Board/StarBoard)?
Yes! All of our eBooks come as PDFs, meaning that you can import the files directly onto your Interactive White Board using the board’s software.

How Can I Use My eBooks with an Interactive White Board?
Project your eBook in PDF onto the screen using your IWBs software, then use whichever tools you would like to use (highlighting, drawing, shading, etc.). You can then save the image of the page with your notes, and print it for a student to take home, or save a series of pages to email to a student who is sick or absent.

Refund policy

All sales are final upon completion of transaction. No refund or exchanges.