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Provide to your students a fun and engaging way of learning about Canada and about persistence and collaboration. Follow the fantastic adventures of Chippy, the Chipmunk, and Aidan during their family road trip across Canada.
Are you looking to expand your growth as a professional educator? This category contains ebooks that will not only improve your expertise as a teacher but also teach you innovative and proven ways to engage all students in their learning.
Helping to improve your students writing is a gift to them that will last their whole life. Learn through these ebooks/workbooks easy ways to increase their eagerness to write along with improving your student’s writing skills.
Reading is part of everyday life. Help your students improve their reading skills, using our various ebooks and workbooks in this category. These reading resources are designed to reach any type of learners and provide various levels of difficulty.
Do you want your students to become the next Bill Nye? Our world is amazing and science is a fun way to explore it. Detailed study units are available in this category to maximize not only the learning, but also maximize the fun!
Helping your students understand the world they live in is a priceless gift that will serve them well throughout their adult life. You will find in this category various E-books and workbooks to support your student’s learning in a fun and engaging way.
Learning doesn’t have to be all serious all the time. The games offered in this category while at the same time providing an opportunity to your students to practice and improve their social skills while making learning fun!
Using pictures is a great tool for teachers as you can use them as a story starter for a description exercise, to practice vocabulary or to make predictions and so on. Critical and creative thinking skills are easy to practice with the use of pictures.
It is important to celebrate special times with your students during the school year. The E-books in this category will not only teach your students the vocabulary and expressions related to a specific celebration, but will also help them grow as a person, develop their social skills and facilitate closer bonds with their classmates. Not to forget, celebrations are fun and these ebooks have lots of it!
Math is not only useful in daily life, but it can also be a lot of fun and sometimes magical. Your students will enjoy the variety of math E-books that are engaging, fun and relevant to everyday life.
Interested in helping your students become the next Monet or Picasso? Use the fundamental art skills taught in the E-books from this category to support the artistic growth in your students.
Music is used more and more for learning and memorizing concepts. These E-books that will not only engage and teach your students fundamental music skills, but also help them maximize their learning in other subjects.
This category contains practical and useful ebooks on additional topics, different from various topics listed above.
Help your students improve their mastery of French by using the engaging lessons and worksheets in the ebooks from this category.