School Presentations


Edukted is on the road with our <France Museum>.

What is the <France Museum> about?

It’s all about teaching your students the culture, geography and history of France, getting them engaged and thinking critically and creatively, practicing many competences from the new curriculum in a welcoming environment and much more. Our mission with the museum is to increase student’s engagement with relevant and high interest as students learn French as a second language by discovering and engaging interactively hands-on in the French culture.

To do so, we will arrive to your school and set up the museum in your school gym before classes commence. The day then starts with classes coming to the museum one at a time to look at our information boards, read the information sheets, and play some games related to France. The students will listen to French music, and watch a slide show presentation about France.  Students will also have the opportunity to play with the very entertaining theremin antenna. Your <Museum Curator> will be Mickael Costa for this event. Mickael was born in France and immigrated to Canada in 1998. Mickael is a currently a BC certified teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience of French Immersion and Francophone programs within the School Districts and Elementary Schools in BC and Ontario.

All we need is your gymnasium for the day. Edukted brings everything for this event, even the tables. You will receive by email our <Paris Passport booklet> following your booking. This booklet can be printed by teachers and distributed to their students. It contains a variety of questions to be answered using the information provided at the museum during the treasure hunt.

For booking or for more information, contact edukted at . You can also call or text: 778-997-3601.